Logistics software for your cargo

With the logistics app XR Logistics the shipment of general cargo is made easy: Simply handle the shipment task via our logistics software! With a scan of the goods, you transmit the exact dimensions and shape of the shipment directly to your logistics partner. This also helps the dispatcher, who can use this data to plan the load of a truck more efficiently and precisely. In this way, the logistics software saves costs and resources all around.

In concrete terms: with the logistics app XR Logistics, you handle your entire shipping process in one app. From the entry of a new shipment to the measurement scan, pickup location and recipient address to shipment tracking. 

XR Logistics - smart general cargo shipping.

50 % faster
50 % faster

Digital measurement with logistics app cuts your shipment posting time in half.

Complete data
Complete data

XR Logistics records all data of your shipment. This saves queries!

Cost reduction
Cost reduction

Using the logistics app, your partners can plan optimally and reduce their vehicle fleet.


Connect your systems to our platform for a fully digital business process.

How does the logistics software work?

The intuitive general cargo app guides you to shipping in 3 steps:

1. enter data:

  • Create a shipment entry.
  • Scan the goods from all sides.
  • Enter the weight of the shipment.

2. add images.

Optionally add pictures taken with the app. This way, in case of later damage, you can prove that the goods left you in perfect condition.

3. specify addresses

Enter the shipping address and the recipient's address, and the shipment tracking will be displayed in the order overview.


All advantages of digitized logistics at a glance

With XR Logistics software, the shipment task becomes easier, faster and more efficient:

The digital capture of the shipment via scan

  • is significantly faster than manual measurement methods
  • drastically reduces the error rate and 
  • lets you and your partners make optimum use of resources such as transport space - and thus reduce the vehicle fleet to the ideal size.

Measurement data, addresses and optional photos in one place

  • are much clearer and avoid queries
  • simplify documentation

XR Logistics as an intuitive, end-to-end app

  • requires neither specialized personnel nor intensive training
  • requires no special equipment and
  • records data offline as well.
Logistics app XR Logistics in digital shipment recording

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:


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